What You Can Do To Save The Tuna! (Hint: It Starts With The Type Of Tuna You Buy.)

Fish are a healthy, sustainable (for the most part) resource for food. However, overfishing can wreak havoc on a species and lead to scarcity. Tuna is one of the most common types of fish in the world — and it’s also one of the most threatened species of fish. Small changes in the types of tuna you consume can make a big impact on sustainability. Species like yellowfin (also called ahi tuna) and skipjack tuna are fine to eat. Other types, like bluefin tuna, should be avoided.

It’s important to check the labels of the tuna you buy and look for specific keywords. If the label doesn’t say anything about how the tuna was caught or if it was caught responsibly, then chances are it wasn’t.

In the following video, you’ll get a crash course on what kinds of tuna are okay to eat. Take a look!

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