This Baby Orangutan Was Found Orphaned in the Forest — Watch His Must-See Story!

Baim is the baby orangutan who was found all alone in the forests of Borneo. Local people found Baim, who appeared to be abandoned, and turned him in to government authorities, who in turn brought him to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

The staff at WWF determined that Baim’s mother must have been killed or captured by poachers, since orangutan mothers are among the most attentive — they care for and teach their offspring for several years after birth — and would not have abandoned the youngster.

Thankfully, Baim is now at a facility that will teach him the skills necessary to survive, in the hopes that he may one day be returned to the wild.

Watch the video to see Baim’s incredible story!

You can help orphaned orangutans just like Baim! Orangutan Foundation International is working hard to conserve these incredible apes in the Bornean rainforests. Find out how to help!

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