(UPDATE) Little Kamok Will Capture Your Heart!

A newborn female elephant wandered alone onto the grounds of the Olpejeta Conservancy in Laikipia. The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust was contacted immediately and the calf was airlifted to their nursery in Nairobi. There, it was discovered that the calf had some sort of joint issue, which must have made keeping up with her herd impossible. The nursery gladly took her in and developed a plan to restore the baby elephant’s strength — specifically working on her joints.

UPDATE: Thankfully, today the calf named Kamok has grown into a healthy young elephant who continues to gain strength every day. She is a known prankster at the nursery and quite the enchantress — leaving visitors helplessly in love and smitten. The young elephant still has a little bit to go to make a full recovery but her spirit is strong!

Watch her inspiring story in the video below!

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