Turns Out, Goats and Wolves CAN Live in Harmony!

Chianti Cashmere Goat Farm in Tuscany, Italy recently became Europe’s first farming operation to receive Wildlife Friendly Certification® from Rainforest Site and partner Wildlife Friendly Enterprise Network (WFEN)!

6 Red and polar bear with some of the girls

In an effort to sustain area wildlife, Chianti Cashmere hired twelve Abruzzo dogs to guard their cashmere goat herd. The dogs, bred to ward off wolves and bears, provide sensible and non-lethal protection from keystone carnivores.

By coexisting peacefully with predators like grey wolves, Chianti Cashmere has helped ensure a healthy ecosystem, and a happy herd.

Thank you Chianti Cashmere for putting the cost and effort into sustaining our planet’s wildlife!


You can be a part of the next sustainability success story! Our project to Save Wolves in the American West seeks to aid more farms and ranches in earning Wildlife Friendly Certification® — find out how you can help!

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