This Is Why We Shouldn’t Ride Elephants


Riding an elephant might’ve been a fun thing to do when you were a kid but come on, people, we know better now! Elephants that are kept in captivity are miserable. Captive elephants suffer enough as spectacles in zoos and circuses but to add to it by sticking people on top of them… HORRIBLE! Using them on movie sets, NOT OKAY! And dressing them up in lavish costumes, COME ON! It’s just cruel.

Elephants belong with their families. They live like we do, with their loved ones. When you see a captive elephant, then that means they were taken away from the ones they love most. Being born into captivity doesn’t make it okay either! These majestic land animals need room to roam. They have no desire being anyone’s transportation. Not even for a cute kid on his birthday. This practice has to end NOW!

Want to help some orphan elephants (and rhinos) return to the wild? I know I do! It’s a great program and these precious animals deserve the best life possible. Please click the link here.

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