WATCH: Desperate Dolphin Approaches Diver And “Asks” For Help

While diving with manta rays in Garden Eel Cove off the coast of Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, co-founder and vice president of Manta Pacific Research Foundation Keller Laros encountered a troubled bottlenose dolphin — somehow the poor cetacean got its left pectoral fin snagged by a fishing hook. Dolphins are incredibly intelligent creatures — Like humans, dolphins are very aware when they are in danger and to ask for help when needed. In this particular situation, the injured dolphin seeks help from Keller Laros. As Laros gets to work, the dolphin calmly allows the diver to remove the fishing hook from its fin.

To all the fishers out there, please be mindful of fishing waste. Fishing hooks and nets are a big threat to all of the creatures in the sea. As for Laros, thank you for helping this beautiful dolphin!

Watch the video to see Laros work his magic!

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Mitchell Canh is a West Michigan resident and enjoys exploring the great outdoors. He lives by the Vietnamese proverb and his family's motto: "The good leaves protect the worn-out leaves." He hopes to protect the Earth and its inhabitants from climate change and pollution.