This Might Be the Weirdest Animal on the Planet


The naked mole-rat is one of those animals that will make you tilt your head and go, “Huh?” Naked mole-rats are unique among mammals, because their social structure is similar to that of hive insects. Naked mole-rats can live for almost 30 years! They are able to live so long due to their slow metabolism rate and their slow respiratory rate. What really sets them apart from many other mammals is the fact that they lack pain receptors and they are immune to cancer!

Naked mole-rats are native to East Africa and mentioned above, their social structure mimics the social structure of hive insects. In each colony, consisting of 20-300 naked mole-rats, there is a ruling queen. She will mate with the colonies’ males and act in hostility towards threatening females.

Prepare to be amazed by the naked mole-rat as you watch this video of them scurrying around their underground home.

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