12 Animal Kisses That Will Make You Go ‘Awwwww’


We humans may think we’re the only species to show our love with a kiss, but these affectionate animals tell a different story.

Whether they’ve got feathers, fur, talons or tails, these cuddly creatures know how to show their love. Check out these 11 ridiculously sweet smooches from across the animal kingdom!

Watch out for those horns!


There’s a toothy smooch for you…

1024px-Hippopotamus_amphibius_Whipsnade_ZooBy William Warby (Flickr) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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And there’s some scaly seduction going on here.


Photo: Flickr/Milestoned – Creative Commons

Penguins can be pretty darn precious.543594_52810498

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